Virtual Round Table Web Conference

Guidelines for presenters and moderators

How do I get into Adobe Connect?

Just open an other browser and type the following URL You can also join Adobe Connect using the app 'Adobe Connect' on your iphone, ipad, smart phone (Android). Note: you can use audio and webcam with the app and move slides but can not upload any slides. Basically you can present but not upload.

Adobe Connect Room links

Enter the room using the link in your scheduled event. Enter as guest, typing your first and last name and your country. 

Main Venue:

No software installation is required.

NOTE: Please raise your hand as soon as you are in the room. This will raise your name to the top and then we promote you to presenter status.

Bandwidth requirement

You can test your connection speed with the following tool You need a minimum of 2 Mbps download and 0,5 Mbps upload to present. 

System requirement

Adobe Connect is a flash based solution and requires Flash player 9.0 or above. To ensure that your computer and network connections are properly configured for Adobe Connect, go to this system and connection test


Presenters are asked to use webcam. No need to use a headset mic (only in case of older machines). You can use built-in microphones if you use some earplugs to mute your speakers in order to avoid an echo.

All of the sessions will be recorded and by your accepting the invitation to present, you consent to this being recorded. The conference recordings will be available on our Virtual Round Table Web Conference (

Presentation slides
NOTE: The final slides are due by Thursday, 26 April 2018. Please send your final slides to with your name and the word ‘final’ in the title of your presentation.
Sound files
Sound files in mp3 format only. *.wav, *.wma or any other format does not work.
Desktop Sharing
You can share your desktop in order to tour a website, show resources or demonstrate a software or an app. If you want to share your ipad or your iphone, you can use the following software to project your ipad onto the screen of a laptop or a MAC/ PC. . There is a free 14-day trial. NOTE: Please do not screenshare videos. Screensharing a video is visually quite ok but the system sound is not so easy to get across into Adobe Connect.

If you want to share videos, please bring a Youtube link, Vimeo, or upload as mg4 or flv file. 

List of links
If you want to share many links, we can display the links in a notes pod in Adobe and participants can easily copy and paste these links. 
You can provide numerous handouts (any format, even Word documents) which are  added to a 'File share' pod and which can be opened at a convenient time during or at the end of a presentation. This file share pod however needs to be prepared. Many participants request your slides and this way you can share your slides as downloadable handouts. 

***Additional information

Twitter hashtag
The Twitter hashtag is #vrtwebcon. You can search for this expression (#vrtwebcon) on Twitter and Twitter will display all of the messages with this hashtag.

Conference program

The conference program can be found under the tab [PROGRAM (GMT)

Livestream (great in case of audio problems)

All of the keynotes will be livestreamed on YouTube.

What can I do if a session is full?
The Adobe Connect room has a restricted capacity (100) and it is advisable to come early during the break. If you can not enter, please send us a Skype (Heike's Skype ID letstalkonline). In this case, we have to ask participants to leave in order for you to enter.

Adobe Connect Rooms
(Links are mentioned in the programme, see above)

Step 1- Enter as a Guest



Adobe Connect on your Mobile
Adobe Connect Mobile for Android:
Adobe Connect Mobile for IOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod):




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